1932 Rolls Royce Special

Courtney is the sole survivor or four 1932 Rolls Royce Special Touring Saloon cars, whose coachwork was constructed by the Royal Coachbuilders, Hooper of London.

Its colour is brewster green and has an eye-catching, creamy-yellow roof with a large sunroof.
It is the perfect encapsulation of 1930s engineering and styling, and Courtney’s engine was rebuilt in 2004.

The most famous TV appearance for Courtney was in the popular ITV series Poirot, starring David Suchet, and she appeared in the 2008 episode Cat Among the Pigeons.

In March 2014, she also appeared in Girls Night Out, which was a film about Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret escaping Buckingham Palace to go to nightclubs in London.

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